Earlybird — стихи, аккорды.

Intro:        <A     C#m      C      D>

>          A
(1)        Early in the morning, by the break of day
Earlybird is working so his life don’t fade away
>           Dm                                                 Em                                      A
He spends his time denying that he’s got no time to flying in the breeze
>        Dm                                Em                                     A
High above his own, the eagle flies alone and he is free
A throughout

(2)        Early bird is scratching when the load is getting tough
Time is passing by and he just can’t get enough
Tell you all is good and well but knows that something’s wrong
Earlybird will wake one day and find his life is gone

Bridge:        <C#m      C       D      A>
A throughout

(3)        You know I like to lay in bed and sleep out in the sun
Reading books and playing crazy music just for fun
You know it makes me feel so fine and sets my mind at ease
You know that I don’t harm a soul in doing what I please

Outro:        <Dm        Em       A         A>


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