Doolin Dalton

LP «Desperado»
Doolin Dalton — стихи, аккорды.

Intro:        <G Em G Em G G7 C Em A C G D/F#>

>                                     Em                 G                    Em                    G       G7
1st verse:    They were Doolin Doolin-Dalton, high or low it was the same
>             C             Em                       A          C                G
easy money …..        there are whiskey for the pain

2nd verse:    Go down Bill Dalton ……

3rd verse:    Better keep on movin’ Doolin-Dalton ’til your shadow set you free
and if you’re fast and if you’re lucky you will never see the hanging tree

Bridge:        <Bm G C Am Em G G7 C Am D B7>

4th verse:

Outro:        <G D/F# Em C C/B Am7 D9 E>

!        Chord formation:
>        G7   [3230xx]
>        D/F# [20023x]
>        B7   [x2120x]
>        C/B  [x20010]
>        Am7  [x02010]
>        D9   [x00210]


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