Blue Sky

«Hunting high and low»
Blue Sky

>        N.C. | N.C. | N.C. | N.C.
>                 |~       d        |.
>          F      A-5+  A-  A-4
blue sky          blue sky
>                 |~    d   |.                 |~    d   |.
>          F      A-5+  A-  A-4        F       A-5+  A-  A-4
blue sky          blue sky  blue sky
>              F                                   A-
Oh I find it hard to breathe as life just eats away
>                F                                A-      C
at the faces that surround me they look tired today
>             D-                       Bb          A-              D
the lady at my table doesn’t want me here I just want to talk to her
>                       F7+               F/G                   E-
but would she laugh at my accent      and make fun of me
>               F7+                   F/G                      E- | F | E- | F |
oh it doesn’t seem like this     blue sky’s here for me
>                                             A-
There are no girls in here as far as I can see
>        F                           A-      C
only pinup posters looking down at me
>                  D-                           Bb
watching paper cups of coffee growing cold before my eyes
>        A-                                 D                   F7+
all the things I see that make me realize I’m in this big world
>                    F/G                  E-        F7+
without you       nothing to my name oh I never knew that
>        F/G                         F       A-5+  A-      A-4
blue sky meant such pain
(blue sky         blue sky)
>          F      A-5+  A-        A-4
blue sky          blue sky
>          F      A-5+  A-       A-4    F       | A-5+  A-  A-4 | B- | B- |
blue sky         blue sky    blue sky
>                                          d          |   |
>             F                            A-         A-9 A-
I’m dying to be different in the coffee shop
>                                                            |      |
>              F                                    A-7      C13    C9
I’ve lived on borrowed strengh now my supplies are cut though
>                                            d.          |
>            D-                              Bb          Bb4+
I’m older than my looks and older than my years
>             d.                  |
>             A-                  A-4     D9
I’m too young to take on   my   deepest fears
>             F7+                     F/G                    E-
oh I used to be confused but     now I just don’t know since you
>                                |       d.                      |    |
>         F7+                    F(9)/G  F/G                     /F   A-   G6
left I’ve been watching            blue skies come and go           oh
(blue sky…)
>                   F7+                    F/G                       F      C_|
since you left I’ve been watching      blue skies come and go
(blue sky..)


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