Barely Hanging On

Barely Hanging On — стихи, аккорды (3:54)
!        (Paul Waaktaar)

>                        G#     Cm     Bb
I used to be so sensible on my own
>                       G#     Cm     Bb
Now I’m so sensitive it’s a joke
>                          G#       Cm    Bb
I’m getting by on decibels like a drug
>                        G#
And greet every brand
>             Cm7        Bb
New day with a shrug
>                           G#  Cm Bb
I’m barely hanging on
I used to be so comfortable in a suit
Almost presentable next to you
I used to be so confident in a crowd
Now I can’t say my own name aloud
I’m barely hanging on
>        F#
And now I guess you’re
>        G#
Wondering why
>        F#
We never could see eye to eye
>                G#
Oh but never mind
>        F#
And now I guess it’s hard to see
>        G#
What has gotten into me
>        F#
Oh but never mind
>                            G# Cm Bb
I’m barely hanging on


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