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The Long Run

        The Long Run


!        (^ = bend)
>        C
        I used to hurry a lot
        I used to worry a lot
>                  F
        I used to stay out till the break of day
>        C
        Oh that didn't git it
        It was high time I quit it
>               F
        I just couldn't carry on that way
>        Am
        Oh, I did some damage, I know it's true
>               F
        Didn't know I was so lonely till I found you
>        C
        You can go the distance
        We'll find out
>               F
        In the long run (in the long run)
>               C
        We can handle some resistance
        if our love
>             F
        is a strong one(is a strong one)
>               Am
        People talkin' about us
        they got nothin' else to do
>                F
        When it all comes down
        we will still come through
>               C
        In the long run
>            F
        Ooh I want to tell you
>               C         G   G7
        it's a long run

!        And so on for the rest of the song.
!        The solo is just the intro again, plus some other stuff.
!        The intro and solo are played with a slide, although it sounds right with some
!        bends and regular slides.  The rest of the song is just the same chords.

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